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Bosch Universal Plus
Key Benefits of the Bosch Universal Plus Mixer
A Bosch Mixer is every baker's dream.  Your breads will come out perfectly every time plus you can do so many other things with it from mashing potatoes to shredding chicken ... beating egg whites and more!
Benefit #1:  Powerful Rotating Wire Whips
The Bosch Universal mixer is designed with two wire whips that rotate around the mixing bowl, spinning independently of each other. This creates powerful whipping action for even just one egg white. Use the wire whips for meringue, waffle batter, mashed potatoes, or even shredding cooked meat.
Benefit #2:  Unique Dough Hook
The dough hook is unlike any other. With a blade and two hooks, it resembles a skilled baker’s hands as it stretches, folds, and tucks bread dough. The Bosch Universal food mixer is a great tool for developing gluten as it fully incorporates every ingredient and kneads one hundred percent of the dough. 
Benefit #3: Convenient Kitchen Appliance
The Bosch will stay in place with great stability due to the four suction cup feet beneath the mixer. When you aren’t using the mixer, you can easily store it in a cabinet as it is lightweight and easy to disassemble. The Bosch Universal Plus kitchen machine is also very easy to clean as many of the parts are dishwasher safe. 
Bosch Universal Plus Retail Price:   $559 
Everyday Low Price:  $399 + Free Shipping
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BONUS: ADD A BAKER'S PACK ($60): The Bosch Universal Plus Mixer comes standard with wire whisks, a dough hook, and a dough hook extender. Expand your accessory options by adding the Baker's Pack for just $60 and also receive cookie paddles with a metal whip drive, bowl scraper, and cake paddles.

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