INTRODUCING: An Innovative Solution to emergency heat
 Cold Weather Clothing that WORKS ... even when wet
Fortress Clothing
There is No Bad Weather Only Bad Clothing
Key features of Fortress Clothing
  • Fortress Clothing is YOUR best friend when it comes to staying warm, even if you get wet. Using our patented insulation technology we created the best in survival gear, cold weather clothing, base layer, and winter work-wear.
  • Fortress Clothing is made for YOU! Anyone who is tired of the promise of cold weather clothing that will “keep you warm,” then ends up adding extra layers underneath, sweating, and feeling your body temperature drop even further as a result.
  • Finally, cold weather clothing that works! Fortress keeps you warm, day in and day out. Working in the oil fields in North Dakota in the dead of winter, paragliding in November in Utah, enjoying winter sports, or just to stay warm while shoveling your driveway, Fortress is for YOU.
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