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  •   Plan It: 26 checklists that guide you on exactly how to put together a year supply of food storage.  A full food storage encyclopedia to teach you all about the process.
  •   Buy It: Each list checklist contains a list of items to buy and recommendations on the best places to buy them.
  •   Eat It: A complete recipe appendix full of recipes using all of the foods you are buying in each of the checklists.  Tried and true family recipes that are easy to make and kid-friendly.
What other people Are saying:

Tina F.

I am a single mom of a special needs child. Before my son was born, I didn't worry much about survival. The BabySteps found in the Food Storage Made Easy book allowed me to get started and build up resources for a disaster situation. We have a backpack and rolling suitcase ready to go at all times if we need to leave in a hurry. Thank you for making this resource available! 

Nancy B.

Wow...I can't say how much the book 'Food Storage Made Easy', the active Facebook group, and the monthly newsletters have helped me so much with my Emergency Preparedness journey. The information has been priceless, the tips and tricks are so welcomed for this homestead prepper. This has become my go-to resource for all things food storage related. Every day I look forward to more helpful information from Food Storage Made Easy!
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