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Food Storage Made Easy in an app!
Food Storage Made Easy has partnered with the top Preparedness App PARA to bring you all of our checklists in an app!  Each checklist includes lists of things to buy and activities to do, and you can track it all right in your phone ... AWESOME!
Food Store Made Easy  + Para = Amazing
Food Storage Made Easy
on the PARA app
Why Para is Our Preparedness App of Choice
Food Storage Made Easy Just Got Easier
How to Use Para with Food Storage Made Easy
Step 1: Download the PARA App (use links below)
Step 2: Log in using Google or Facebook
Step 3: Click on the "Community" button at the bottom
Step 4: Scroll until you see Checklist #1 
Step 5: Click the FREE download button
Step 6: Click on the "Lists" button at the bottom
Step 7: Enjoy your complimentary list from Food Storage Made Easy!

If you end up purchasing all remaining 25 lists at just $0.99 each it will cost less than the printed Food Storage Made Easy book and include all of the updated lists, integrated inventory, and checkable activities!
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