INTRODUCING:  An Innovative Way to Re-Use #10 Cans
"That Seals It" Intro Pack
Key Benefits of the "That Seals It" Intro Kit
Self-reliance is a vital part of preparedness—and it's never been this easy before. Simply use your "That Seals It' Kit and a vacuum sealer with an accessory port (or a manual pump) to quickly and easily remove oxygen from the can and seal it up.
Benefit #1:  Preserve food in your own home
That Seals It! allows you to pack and prepare goods for long-term storage independently, in your own home. 

Protect sensitive materials from light, air, and moisture, using empty #10 cans you might previously have thrown away!
Benefit #2:  Safely store non-food items
That Seals It! is a vacuum lid for a #10 can, enabling you to securely seal goods inside. And it's not just for food! You can securely seal any of these for long-term storage: matches, medicine, seeds, batteries, ammunition, jewelry, and important documents
Benefit #3: Easy-to-use technology
Simply attach the vacuum hose to a manual pump or electric vacuum sealer on one said using the included coupler.  Then put the vacuum lid over a #10 can and place the other end of the hose (with attached coupler) onto the lid.  Pump until oxygen is removed and the lid is sealed.
"That Seals It" Introductory Kit Includes:
Prepare My Life Planner
  •  Box 1:  1 lid, 1 vacuum hose, two couplers for attachments
  •  Box 2:  5 extra lids to use 
Everything you need to get started and have six cans ready to go for long term storage.
"That Seals It" Introductory Kit Regular Price:   $105 
Black Friday Sale Price:  $75 + Free Shipping
Sale price valid 11/23 through 11/26
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Add "This Sucks" Manual Pump ($15): If you don't have a vacuum sealer but still want to be able to use the "That Seals It" lids you will want to add this manual pump. It is also helpful to have in case of a powerless emergency as your vacuum sealer will not work without electricity!

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