INTRODUCING: The BEST solar oven on the market!
All-American Sun Oven
Key Benefits of the All-American Sun Oven
SUN OVENS® harness the natural power of the sun to cook or bake unbelievably the most delicious food while being prepared for an emergency, reducing energy costs and benefiting the environment around the world.
Benefit #1:  Cook only with the power of the sun
The All-American Sun Oven can reach temperatures up to 400° F making it easy to bake, steam, or boil anything you would cook in a regular oven.  

Use like a crockpot on partly cloudy days when it can't reach as high of temperatures.

Don't eat up your kitchen on hot summer days, conserve fuel, save money, and be prepared for a powerless emergency!
Benefit #2:  Makes baked goods taste better
Never burn your food again!  Because the Sun Oven cooks similar to a convection oven your food will never burn even if left in the oven all day.

Easily hard-boil eggs, bake potatoes, cook meats, casseroles, steam vegetables, and bake bread and cookies.  All of your food will be more moist.

All flavors stay in trapped in the foods enhancing the taste.
Benefit #3: Many uses for Emergency Preparedness
Sun Ovens can also be used to dehydrate fruits, vegetables, and meats to make jerkey!

Quickly sprout nuts and seeds for some fresh greens in an emergency situation

Use a Water Pasteurization Indicator to pasteurize water making it safe to drink in an emergency.

Cook without any electricity!
Key Features of the All-American Sun Oven
  •  20% larger than prior model SUN OVEN® - now you can cook a greater volume of food and use many of your favorite, standard size baking pans.
  •  Includes E-Z Sun-track indicators - takes the guesswork out of aligning with the sun. Makes aiming toward the sun as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  •  Large, T-shaped foot, with included ground stakes helps with wind resistance - increases the number of delicious meals your family can enjoy, even on breezy days.
  •  Sealing gasket assures a strong heat seal - retain heat to reach higher temperatures.
  •  Thick, low-lead glass lets more solar energy reach your food. This special glass allows your oven to get 10 - 15% hotter, delivering delicious meals in record time.
  •  Dual-purpose, wire leveling rack, with special air-flow design, swings freely to prevent spilling. It can also be set on the Sun Oven® floor, increasing the usable area inside!
Sun Oven Retail Price:   $399 
Everyday Low Price:  $298 + Free Shipping
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ADD "THE SOLAR CHEF" COOKBOOK ($15): Want to get a kick-start on learning to cook with your new Sun Oven? Add this cookbook to your order with one click of the checkbox. It's a wonderful book full of southwestern recipes your family is sure to enjoy.

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